Alex Andrew London® is a luxurious brand committed to offering our clients which include luxury hotels & restaurants, private jet & yacht operators and private residences our collection of fine teas.

The richness and royalty of our teas are characteristic of virtually no other. These timeless fine teas are best enjoyed in the afternoon served with warm scones, clotted cream & a choice of lemon curd and preserves or after dinner with petit fours. Our fine teas will

bring a sense of elegance to your drawing room as

you serve them to your distinguished guests.

Your guests will simply treasure our

exquisite teas.


For those guests who enjoy and appreciate the quality of their tea, they will immensely

enjoy this collection.


All our teas are available in loose-leaf and some of our signature teas are available in our biodegradable hand-stitched tea bags which are packed in luxury boxes with gold embossing detail.


We use a biodegradable material for our envelopes which is 100% compostable.


The filter material in our handmade stitched tea bags is a biodegradable material based on corn starch.


The thread for the sewing of the tea bags is made from natural and unbleached cotton.