Darjeeling is one of the most famous tea-producing regions in the world. Grown on the slopes of the Himalayas, Darjeeling teas are of absolute top quality, with a special and elegant flavour that is consistently impressive across all harvests.

We offer a very impressive First Flush Darjeeling which is available in loose leaf pouches & our luxury hand-stitched teabags. 


The Assam plateau in the Northeast of India produces strong, powerful and spicy teas. The region’s premium teas seduce connoisseurs with their characteristic malty flavour.

We have chosen an excellent Assam for our collection. 


English Breakfast Tea

Typically British and beautifully full-bodied, your guests will enjoy a dark, copper-brown cup with a full spicy bouquet.  

Irish Breakfast Tea 

Quite a strong Broken blend which works to perfection with milk and sugar. Teas from Assam and Sumatra make a truly delightful tea for the early morning. 


A classic Chinese scented tea composed of a fine Chinese black tea & fresh rose

petals. Once the petals have transferred their scent to the tea they are removed

with only a few remaining to give the tea an attractive look.

The taste & scent is similar to rose favoured Turkish Delight.


By the time the Second Flush is picked in the summer months of June and July, both the taste and the look of the teas have changed considerably. The buds and tips are now a silvery or golden-brown colour, while the colour in the cup ranges from coppery-gold to auburn. Mature Second Flush teas of high quality are full-bodied and have a slightly nutty flavour. The top teas possess the prized muscatel character. 



The Second Flush Assam teas are particularly important and sought after and possess all the typical characteristics of good Assam teas. 

Typical features for Assam teas are the golden tips and depending on the grade a more or less creamy cup.  


A timeless tea based on a traditional recipe composed of Ceylon Highland teas

and highly aromatic Assam and Java leaf teas.

A well-composed blend of black leaf teas for the afternoon that will certainly

impress your distinguished guests.


This elegant tea comes in loose leaf or in our hand-stitched teabags.


An elegant, timeless tea with a rich, royal aroma. This fine tea is best enjoyed with something sweet in the afternoon or with freshly baked warm scones, clotted cream & a selection of preserves.

Natural bergamot flavouring is added to an exquisite Darjeeling Second Flush to

create this elegant tea.

Black Tea & Vanilla

A highly aromatic tea composed of spicy, golden tipped Assam & Ceylon leaf teas

with creamy Vanilla pieces. Your guests will adore this tea with its creamy vanilla

flavour & sweet scent and we feel very privileged to be able to offer this tea to you.

This tea is of the finest quality.

Japanese Green Tea
Winter Tea

A high quality, aromatic, slightly smokey Ceylon black tea blend, together with orange peel, cinnamon, ginger & vanilla give this tea its warm cosy taste.

A perfect tea to have in front of an open fire wrapped in a blanket on a cold

winters evening.

Japanese Gyokuro

This high quality sencha green tea we have chosen for our collection is picked in the

spring and steamed slightly before being rolled. It produces a shimmering deep

olive green colour and a light and relaxing sweet scent & a mild sweet taste.

A first class tea.

This Japanese rare green tea is considered to be the most precious of all green teas.

This fine leaf has a deep green, slightly shiny colour and gives a strong noble flavour with a hint of sweetness.

A highly prized tea with a typical Japanese


Pure White Tea

White teas are amongst the noblest and mildest varieties in the world. They are the least processed of all teas. To produce them only the youngest, unopened buds, still covered by a silvery down, are picked. This high grade elegant smooth tea has a bright apricot colour & a light floral scent.

Oolong Tea.jpeg

An exceptionally high quality white tea.

This white tea is produced in the southeast of the Chinese mountains at an altitude of 1000m. Its silvery backed leaves & buds produce a light green cup with a slight shade of champagne & a delicately fruity bouquet with a hint of spice.

Milky Oolong.jpeg

This outstanding oolong tea is only produced in the mountainous region of Nantou in Taiwan and is very sought-after world wide by tea connoisseurs.

Compared to other oolongs this premium tea is rolled by hand and produces a light amber cup and a light delicate taste.

Produced almost entirely by hand in the Province of Fujian. The olive green leaves are briefly heated in milk water steam which give this tea its smooth creamy scent & taste. The leaves are then rolled and dried.

An excellent tea to add to your afternoon tea menu.

Jasmine Pearls.jpeg
Jasmine Tea.jpeg

A high quality green tea is blended here with jasmine blossoms to create these beautiful pearls. Only the finest & youngest leaves are used to create this rare tea which delivers an exotic sweet scent and an elegant champagne colour in the cup.

Only 3 pearls are required for the perfect cup.

This high quality jasmine tea comes in our biodegradable teabags and the tea produces a light fragrant scent and a yellow cup. A gorgeous green tea to enjoy in the morning or afternoon to rejuvenate you.

Popular in luxury spas across the world.

We recommend that loose leaf black teas should be replenished regularly & served from elegant silver teapots into fine bone china teacups, milk and sugar may be added before delicately stirring the tea back and forth with a spoon. 


Green teas, White teas and Herbal infusions are best enjoyed without milk. A slice of Lemon is preferred.